VS Code Integration

Using VS Code as your code editor for p5py will be a great choice as of pylinter integration and a lot of autocomplete features!

Before you start using VS Code as your code editor for p5py. We recommend that you turn off some pylint settings, for that you would require a settings file. The setup is simple so do not panic!


  1. Go into the directory in which keep all of your p5py projects.
  2. In that directory create a folder called .vscode
  3. In the .vscode directory create a file called settings.json
  4. In that file copy and paste all of these json settings:
    "python.linting.pylintArgs": [
        "--disable", "E0102",
        "--disable", "C0111",
        "--disable", "W0401",
        "--disable", "C0304",
        "--disable", "W0614",
        "--disable", "W0622"
  1. Save the file and you are ready to write some amazing projects in VS Code and p5py!!